S4 Swim School. A Commitment to Continuing Swimming Development

S4 Comments

If you have a comment or are dissatisfied about some aspect of the swim school and the way it is conducted please follow the procedure set out opposite to ensure that your concerns are fully investigated and appropriate action is taken where necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: this procedure is not for use in cases where you are dissatisfied with your child's progress in swimming. That is a matter solely for the appointed swim coordinator. If you wish to discuss it please communicate to the swim coordinator overseeing your specific session.

Comments Procedure

  1. Discuss your comment/concern informally with the swim coordinator who oversees your session
  2. If this fails to resolve your comment you should put your comment in writing (post or email), giving as much detail as you can, and send it for the attention of the Local Franchise Director. Contact details can be found on the local page of the S4 website (to find this click on the 'locations' tab above and choose the pool where you swim)
  3. The Director will acknowledge your comment in writing
  4. The director will investigate your comment within 7 days (should this need to be extended, communication will be made)
  5. The director will consider your comment and the outcomes of the investigation
  6. The director will set out a decision with brief grounds for it in writing and provide you with a copy of it within 14 days
  7. If you are still dissatisfied then please contact S4 Swim Franchising Limited directly using the form below

    code number

  8. The decision of S4 Franchising Limited in relation to the comment is Final and will not be discussed further