It's my child's first swimming lesson, what do I need to bring?+

When attending your first swimming lesson you will need to bring a towel, swimming costume/trunks (not shorts) and goggles. You will be given a S4 swimming hat as part of your new member welcome pack. You do not need to bring armbands or any aids as these will be provided at the lesson.X

I have come to my first lesson, where do I go?+

On poolside you will see our teaching team. Our swim co-ordinators can be recognised as they will be wearing a black S4 t-shirt. Approach them (they are friendly!) and they'll be more than happy to make you feel welcome!X

What can my child expect to learn?+

We are affiliated to Swim England and alternate termly between Swim England Stage Awards (1-10) and Swim England Distance Awards (Puffin-5000m). We find that due to our small group sizes children progress at a much faster rate than anticipated.X

Who do I contact to discuss my child's progress?+

For all queries, including changing sessions, please speak to your swim co-ordinator who will be more than happy to assist. You are able to monitor your child's progress using the S4 members area.X

What are your pools like?+

S4 ensure that all pools are fit for purpose...we have high standards. All pools that S4 hire are clean, warm and safe. We ensure that there is ample changing space and this is kept clean. If you have any concerns or queries about the pool you are swimming at, speak with your session co-ordinator and they may be able to assist.X

What should I do if my child is poorly?+

If it's just a cold then they're fine, anything else we would suggest giving it a miss. You may be able to catch up on y our swimming lesson (subject to availability).X

I can't make a lesson, or I need to switch my lesson day...what do I do?+

Speak with the session co-ordinator and they will do their best to accommodate.X

Will I lose out on lessons paid for, in the event of further lockdowns?+

No, paying members won't lose out! Due to the current climate it has become clear we shall be required to operate with a greater degree of adaptability and flexibility.

Whilst dates may change, courses will be carried through to completion one way or the other. Any previous weeks owed will be carried forward, with any necessary adjustments to course payments accounted for.X

How will the significant amount of time lost impact on my swimming journey?+

A major strength within the S4 program is facilitating the best possible swimming journey for its members. S4 have proven success in this area with hundreds of swimmers realising their full potential at County, Regional, National, International & World level, in all areas of aquatics.

S4 have a personalised Members Area for all its members. Here you can keep track on your child's progress and view the current awards they have achieved. S4 have an excellent record keeping process to quickly determine the swimming level of each individual member prior to lockdown. You can also view your term plans and assessment criteria, so you know exactly what your child will be working towards each week.

Rest assured your S4 team will ensure for an effective recap of your swimming skills for continuing swimming development. X

What affect will social distancing have on S4 sessions? +

One of the major strengths of the S4 program is our smaller group sizes. In the current climate this works in perfectly for us and will enable us to implement effective social distancing changes with minimal disruption. S4 can assure members government guidance will be adhered to. X

How will S4 ensure the environment meets the necessary hygiene/safety standards in this new environment?+

The virus is not transmitted through swimming pools. Guidance from Swim England (the governing body) is that water and the chlorine within swimming pools will help to kill the virus. It is important, however, to ensure that everyone visiting pools follows the latest hygiene advice to help reduce the risk of infection.

Part of the main duties of our Covid-19 lead will be to work closely with pool providers and your S4 team to ensure enhanced hygiene protocols (in the water and the surrounding areas) are implemented.

The welfare and safety of our members and the S4 team is our top priority. X

I have further questions that cannot be found here?+

Click HERE to Contact Us. Your local office will be more than happy to help answer any further questions you may have.X

Image of the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme