S4 Swim School. A Commitment to Continuing Swimming Development

S4 Swim School Groups Structure

S4 Teaching »

S4 Teaching is a childrens swimming programme designed to give your child swim teaching of the highest quality. Our top priority is to provide a relaxed & friendly environment for children to learn to swim. Thirty minute classes are available from the age of five years and are organised according to age & Swim England grouping.

S6 Squad »

S6 Coaching is an introduction to coaching for children and is more of a swimming club for our squad level swimmers. It is an extension of S4 swim teaching, incorporating two coaching based disciplines 'Speed' & 'Stamina'. Sixty minute sessions are available for swimmers aged 8+ years.

S4 Adults Swimming »

At S4 we provide adult swim sessions for adults. For the weaker swimmer with little water experience and confidence to the more advanced swimmer who may need advanced swim techniques or coaching sessions.

Make a splask learning to swim with S4!

Progression & Awards

Teaching Groups

For our S4 Teaching Groups (children aged 3+), we follow the Swim England National Plan, stages 1 - 7, from Octopus to Goldfish to Angelfish and finally to Sharks.


The main focus here will be on children building their confidence further, with additional emphasis placed on propulsive movement. Before progressing to the next group children must demonstrate a basic over arm action on both frontcrawl & backstroke, and a simultaneous kick action on breastroke & butterly.


Once children reach goldfish level swimming, the main emphasis turns to technique introduction. In this group children will learn the basics on breaststroke, frontcrawl & backstroke paying greater attention to detail (turning the head to breathe, turning feet out on breaststroke, & little finger entry on backstroke). Butterfly kick will still be the major emphasis on this stroke progressing to dolphin shape (rhythm & timing).


To progress to angelfish groups children must demonstrate frontcrawl showing continuous correct breathing patterns. The backstroke & breaststroke arm action must be demonstrated correctly and rhythm and timing must be evident on butterfly (no arms at this stage). The main emphasis in angelfish groups will be technique developement (bent arm pull on backstroke, timing on breaststroke & an introduction to butterfly arms).


At shark level children can slowly start to increase the distance on frontcrawl, backstroke & breaststroke. Stamina building will only be introduced when the child is performing correct technique. The main emphasis here will be on advanced technique with a lot of focus on stroke length on breaststroke & frontcrawl, and rhythm & timing on backstroke & butterfly.

S6 Swim Squad

Entry into the S6 Squad is by invitation only. Decisions will be made by the head coach in communication with the instructors. Sessions are 1-hour in duration and the main emphasis is an introduction to speed & stamina swimming and race skills (dives/turns/finishes on all strokes).

For our S6 Swim Squad we follow the Swim England Stage 8 Award. This incorporates many coaching based criteria. We also adopt the A.S.A National Speed Awards in all four swimming strokes. Bronze, silver and gold speed awards are based on target times to achieve.

Progression Chart

S4 Swim School Progrssion Chart