S4 Swim School. A Commitment to Continuing Swimming Development

Baby Swimming Lessons

S4 Swim School does not offer baby swimming lessons, however we can recommend baby swimming lesson providers we feel may compliment our own philosophy.

The S4 programme specialises in the aquatic development of children from the age of 4 years (approx) and upwards, seeing many of our swimmers move on to national level swimming, joining competitive swimming organisations.

We do advise parents take their babies to baby swimming lessons with a baby specialist swim school in their local area.

Children who join our programme improve at an impressive rate due to the S4 teaching methods, small group sizes, and our child progression monitoring systems.

Children who have attended baby swimming courses prior to joining S4 Swim School are often more water confident, have already established their own sense of buoyancy and generally progress through our programme at a faster rate.

Baby Safety - Immunisations

Many parents will have the same common question, when is it safe to take my baby swimming for the first time?

The NHS states you can take your baby swimming at any age both before and after vaccinations. Click here to read more!